Roof Inspection in Brentwood

Besides the foundation, which supports the entire weight of the building, the roof is the most important component of a building, whether commercial or residential. The reasons are obvious. It protects the building from the weather and vermin. Moreover, a well-insulated roof keeps the building warm in the winter, and a well-ventilated roof will help keep it cool in the summer. Roofs, be they flat, hipped or gable, whether they’re made out of wood or asphalt shingles, metal, tile or stone, also add to the aesthetic value of a house or other building.

Benefits of a Roof Inspection in Brentwood

Besides installing roofs, the licensed and insured professionals of Superior Roofing of Brentwood, Tennessee also inspect them. We offer leak diagnostics and help our customers with insurance claims. We’ll check to see that flashings are leak proof, that the attic has adequate ventilation and insulation and that there are no pests. We’ll check the roof shingles to make sure that they’re not cracked, split or deteriorating and will check the chimneys, vents and gutters to make sure that they’re sound. Our professionals will gladly let our customers accompany or watch them on an inspection and encourage them to take notes. At the end of the inspection, we will give our customer a written report on the status of the roof and note any repairs that need to be done.