Siding comes in many different styles. The two most common types of siding are vinyl and fiber cement. Each type has its own set of features and benefits while providing a stylish look and added value to your Franklin, TN home. While vinyl is less expensive and requires little maintenance, it can be damaged more easily. Vinyl siding usually only needs to be washed on a regular basis in order to maintain its appearance, which can be a contemporary or historic look. This is a wonderful benefit for homeowners who are strapped for time.

Fiber Cement Siding Installation in Franklin

While fiber cement siding that does not have a baked-on finish requires painting, this is an opportunity to change the look of your home. Once it is installed, there is no opportunity to change the color of vinyl siding. Although fiber cement costs more, it is more durable, provides additional insulation and lasts longer. It is also rot, fire and insect resistant. The boards come in a variety of colors and widths. In some cases, they can mimic the look of hardwood siding.

Why you should choose the Professionals at Superior

When shopping for siding, you should consider your lifestyle and budget when trying to decide between the two. Each type should be professionally installed. If done improperly, vinyl siding can have a rippled appearance. Fiber cement is heavy and requires special tools for cutting and installation. We can assist you in determining the type of siding that best fits your unique circumstances. No matter which type you choose, new siding increases the curb appeal and value of your home. Contact Superior Roofing for a free no obligation Franklin siding installation estimate on how we can help transform the look of your home.

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