Frequently Asked Roofing Questions

What are Bare Spots?

This is when the surface of the shingles on your roof has worn off. The result is spots of missing shingles and, a lot of times, an accumulation of granules in your gutters.  

What is Curling?

This is when the corners of your shingles curl upward. Curling makes your roof highly susceptible to wind damage as well as ice. This usually comes from moisture build ups in the attic of older homes.

What causes Broken Shingles?

This can be caused by strong winds and snow. When you have broken shingles, your roof may develop obvious leaks.

What is Clawing?

This is when your shingles curl in a downward motion. Clawing can make your roof highly susceptible to strong storm conditions such as wind, ice and hail.

What is Buckling?

This is recognizable as waviness in the shingles. There will usually be a line of buckling going up the roof slope. Bucking causes tabs to be exposed and makes it easy for them to be ripped off by winds. This is often caused by poor ventilation in the attic.

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