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How do I find a leak in my roof?

If you want to locate the leak yourself, follow these steps:

  1. If you see a water spot on the ceiling, try looking in the attic space directly above the spot on the ceiling. Try to find where the drip is occurring and trace it to the entry point. Sometimes there is a water trail or water mark on the wood rafter or decking.  
  2. If there is no attic access, go outside and look at the roof above the room with the spot. 
  3. Look for any missing shingles, pipes, vents or other places that water could be entering such as a valley or roof to wall area. Using binoculars can be helpful. Do not get on the roof if your roof is more than 1 story or very steep. Call an insured roofing professional!
  4. If you can safely get on your roof, look in the area of roof above the water spot starting at theLook for rusty nails to locate roof leak.lowest point and working your way up. Look under any loose shingles for rusty nails or other evidence of water. Look for any exposed nails, punctures in the roofing material or other open areas.

Click here for some DO's and DON'Ts of ladder safety from one of the largest manufacturers of ladders.

5. Once you find any missing shingles or rusty nails or loose flashing, use some good construction sealant (NOT silicon) to seal the area.

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